Simultaneous display

Against politicians and journalists in the Dutch House of Representative
Right after the TATA Chess Tournament (on 2 February), TATA organized a simul event with Anish against Dutch parliamentarians and political journalists. The event was organized in the premises of the Dutch House of Representatives.

President of the Parliament Ms. Gerdi A. Verbeet (PvdA) delivered the opening speech and started the event with an opening move. Anish played against 28 opponents like MPs Pieter Omtzigt (CDA), Rik Grashoff (GroenLinks) and TV journalist Frits Wester among others.

Anish won all the games. The best player award (according to Anish) went to Jan Nagel (Leader of 50Plus). The closing speech was delivered by Minister of Health and Sports Ms. Edith Schippers (VVD).

Photo courtesy of
New In Chess