A combination with the art

A simul activity with Anish Giri and Hans Böhm

There are a number of opinions on whether chess is a sport or an art; perhaps it is both. But, one thing is certain: chess is one of the few sports (if not only one!) that has a strong resemblance with art.

These pictures say more than words:

Anish Giri and Hans Böhm gave a simultaneous exhibition in the Fischerhuis in Ede on Sunday January 9th. What made this event so special was that for the games antique chesspieces were used from the 20th, the 19th and even the 18th century. Also the Fischerhuis was renamed Bobby Fischer House for the course of one day.Cees van der Knaap, the mayor of Ede, attended the event.

Anish Giri faced 33 opponents (31 wins and 2 draws), and Hans Böhm 30 (25 wins and 5 draws!)