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Unive Chess Tournament 2011
This year's Unive Chess Tournament is over. Anish was playing in the Crown Group together with Judit Polgar (Hungary), Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) and Lagrave Vachier Maxime (France).
Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik won the tournament. Anish became second, and had a good tournament.
''Finished the tournament with a more-than-comfortable draw :) Again the magic 50%; Now time to relax and get ready for the European Teams..:)''.

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A peaceful ending in the last round
The last round game against Vachier-Lagrave could have ended in a quick draw, if the Frenchman had accepted the draw offer from Anish at move 28. A move later Maxime must have been regretted his decision to play on! Eventually a queen ending with four against three on one wing ended in a draw at move 96.

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A lucky win against 'Chess Queen'
Anish managed to earn his first winning point by beating the world's greatest ever female player Judit Polgar.
''Managed to win against creative Judit Polgar! Was a very interesting game and fortunately luck was on my side this time. One round left!''

''Draw, but I'll get him next time''
Anish played a good game against Kramnik, but was not able to achieve more than a draw.
''Managed to get a game with Kramnik this time and inspired by this unusual fact played pretty well! :) ..Draw, but I'll get him next time :D.''
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A peaceful end against Judit Polgar
The battle in round 3 against Judit Polgar resulted in a peaceful handshaking.
''Solid draw with black against Polgar, tomorrow a (un)deserved rest day!''-Anish

A draw against Maxime
The second round battle between Anish and Maxime Lagrave ended in a draw. Tomorrow against Judit Polgar!

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Anish lost in the first round against Kramnik
It is not easy to play against Kramnik (moreover, with black!), and again Anish was not able to hold him.
''Got overwhelmed by choice in the opening and at the end didn't get out of it :) Tomorrow white with Mr. Two-Names!''
So, tomorrow is the second game, and agaist Maxime Vachier Lagrave.

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Here we go!
''In Hoogeveen! First round tomorrow- black against Kramnik. What can be better than that?! Eager and keen! :P''- Anish

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