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Anish in Dutch Championship 2011

Round 9
Dutch Champion 2011!

Dutch Championship 2011 is over. Anish won his last game against Wouter Spoelman. With five straight wins, he's regained his title as well as 16 ELO points!
''Another win today- and I got the Dutch title with 2 extra points...:) Was a nice event.. Now back home, soon time to get ready for Dortmund!''- Anish.

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Round 8
Regaining the title!

By winning 4th consecutive game, Anish has regained his title. In his 17, he has acquired the title of ''Dutch Champion'' for second time. In round 8, he won against Ruud Janssen with black.
Anish: ''Secured the title after beating Ruud with black! Ex-leader Wouter tomorrow, with white!''

Round 7
A win against Robin Swinkels

Anish won third game in a row; this time against Robin Swinkels.
''Another win! After a nice opening it went pretty straight and smooth.. Tomorrow- Ruud, who made his comeback today! :).''

Round 6
One more win with black

Anish won against Daan Brandenburg in his consecutive game with black pieces.
Anish: ''Won in another black-Najdorf, this time vs. Brandenburg.. Tomorrow Swinkels, with white though..:).''

Round 5
A win against reigning champion

Anish managed to win his fifth game against title holder Jan Smeets.
He has posted his brief comment right after the game: ''Beat Jan with black in a fighting game! Wasn't so clear, but happy anyway :) Tomorrow restday! Then again black, this time vs. Brandenburg!''

Round 4
''Time for some good chess.''

Another draw, this time against Friso Nijboer. ''It was not AS good as it looked, but to end up slightly worse is too much..:) Time for some good chess- tomorrow black vs. Jan Smeets:).''

With B'day gift!

Round 3
The B'day game: ''Boring but solid...''

The game against Ivan Sokolov was a draw.
In his words: ''Played Sokolov with Black-Draw. Boring, but solid..:). Tomorrow Friso with white! But first celebrating my Birthday with a cold shower! :).''

Many returns of the day!!!

Round 2
''Can't say it was that good, but...''

Anish played against Erwin L'Ami in second round with white, and won the game.
''A win against Erwin! Can't say it was that good, but it get's better... Tomorrow- Ivan Sokolov with black!!'' he's twitted.

Round 1
''Will add my today's game to my Ridiculous Games Collection...''

Anish had a first round with black against Sipke Ernst (2596) that ended in a draw.
This is what Anish says about his today's game: ''Will add my today's game to my Ridiculous Games Collection.. Just no words..:) Hope it's just the start.. Tomorrow-new day-Erwin with White!''