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“Sharing with you briefly about my German adventure and my annotated victory of the classical play-off match..”

Anish, annotating his game, played in Bundesliga final play-off against Caruana

A week ago I had a short trip to Germany, where I helped my team Solingen face the mighty Baden-Baden in playoff. On the way back, I also joined the boys in the German team blitz championship. Despite Solingen finishing second in both the events, my own result was pretty good, as I had managed to beat Fabiano Caruana himself and survived the sauna-like blitz experience unbeaten scoring 23 points out of as many as 26 games.

Having some time now to prepare for Leuven and having my website back on track recently, I decided to use the opportunity and brag a little bit about my German adventure and share with you my annotated victory of the classical play-off match.

Click here to view the game annotation in Chessbase viewer>>>

“Resuming my webpage with an article about my activities so far in 2018!”

Anish resumes writing for his website and starts with his activities so far in 2018, namely about Tata Steel Chess, Shamkir Chess as well as briefly about working with Vladimir Kramnik including brief annotations of some games.

It's been quite a while ago when I last updated my website.I have been quite occupied writing regularly for New in Chess in the capacity of the contributing editor as well as for my sponsor Optiver. Nevertheless, taking into account the requests of my followers and well-wishers with deep respect, I have decided to resume writing some articles including game annotations for my webpage as regular as possible. (Continue)>>>