“…it was hard not to see the humor in the 14 draws…”

Anish on Candidates and Norway Chess with his annotations

It's been slightly longer than a while ago when I last updated my website. But now that there are a couple of days that you could almost call a gap in between my tournaments and trainings it is about time to do so! (continue)>>>

“Happy New Year 2016!
Some milestones have been reached, and I am looking forward to the new exciting challenges…”

Anish's summerizing his 2015 adventures

It's been a while since I have written something for my personal website, as my busy schedule took the hold of me and my written accounts on my countless adventures have been documented only in the NewInChess magazine, where I am featured in every issue being a contributing editor (plus the 140 character tales on twitter @anishgiri). (continue)>>>

©Official website

“Life however goes on and with many more exciting tournaments to come, it can still go both ways”

Anish on Qatar Masters, London Classics and Wijk aan Zee with game analysis

A saying goes, it's better late than never, and so I decided to have a quick look back at my recent tournaments, including Qatar Masters Open, London Chess Classics and the very recent Wijk aan Zee, which I played in the brand new year of 2015. (continue)>>>

©Official website

“The fairytale didn't exactly continue in Tashkent….”

Anish on Univé match and the Tashkent Grand Prix with game analyses

While the attention of the chess world is focussed on the World Championship match between Carlsen and Anand, I nevertheless decided to give the reader a little update on my latest events, the Univé match versus Shirov and the Tashkent Grand Prix. (continue)>>>

©Z. Peng (Schaaksite)

“Now with many important and exciting events coming up it is yet to be seen, what this ranking is worth!”

Anish on Spanish League and European Club Cup with game analyses

After the Olympiad, the season of a team chess player has continued, and soon I found myself on the way to Spanish Team Championship in Linares followed by the European Club Cup in Bilbao.(continue)>>>

©Official website

“Congrats to all the winners, now it's time to recover and get some energy for future events!”

Anish on Olympiad 2014 with game analyses

Before getting down to chess business, I would like to express my condolences to the families and friends of the two players, Kurt Meier from Seychelles and Alisher Anrakulov from Uzbekistan (playing for the ICCD), who passed away so suddenly and tragically on the last day of the Olympiad.(continue)>>>


Anish has turned 20 on 28 June 2014. We wish him a very happy and prosperous adulthood ahead.

On his 20th birthday, Anish' first book has been revealed. The book is probably interesting for the chess lovers. Although it includes some introduction by Anish on his junior years, a preface and some pictures, so it might be of interest to other readers as well.

The proceeds of this book will go to an educational project for poor children in Nepal. We can provide a limited number of books for free (e-book or hard copies), particularly to those who are in Nepal, so please contact us.

©Official website

“Overall I can't be satisfied with my play, nor with my result, although I certainly was lucky more often than I was not.”

Anish on Stavanger 2014 with game analyses

I certainly was lucky more often than I was not. Of course the turning point was my collapse against Karjakin, which was important for me, but even more for Karjakin, who surprisingly went on to win the remaining games- Congratulations to him!(continue)>>>

©Official website

"I will be very curious to see how he will do in another match with Carlsen, but for now let's congratulate the Indian tiger!"

Anish on Candidate Tournament 2014 with game analyses

While myself I was mostly busy training and observing chess, the greatest of my colleagues have spent the last month battling in Khanty-Mansyisk for the right to challenge the new World Champion, Magnus Carlsen...(continue)>>>

©Ab Scheel

"I was satisfied with the chess that I played and left the tournament with a good aftertaste."

Anish on TATA Steel Chess 2014 with his game analyses.

Just like pretty much every year, for the past 6 years, this year started for me with the Wijk aan Zee tournament. This time it was especially important for me to play good chess for once and so I was looking forward to the tournament like never before...(continue)>>>

©Official website

''I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!''

Anish on World Mind Games with the game analyses including a brief wrap up of 2013.

Most of my tournaments went without any major ups and downs and considering that I finished my school this year, it felt as if this year served a merely transitional role. My top events have been quite mediocre with no major victories, so that will go into the do-list for the next year and my rating was going up and down a little, but not too much. Anyhow, it's now time to have some rest and meet the New Year 2014 full of determination and new energy!(continue)>>>

©Official website

"…the 6th place is obviously not such a bad result, although at some point we had hopes for more."

Anish on the World Team Championship with game analyses.

Our team started very badly, losing our first two matches- to China and to Azerbaijan. In fact, throughout the whole tournament the team result was representing my play, which is pretty logical, if you consider that I was the team leader. ...(continue)>>>

©Official website

''It does seem though that Magnus Carlsen can breathe new life into the royal game…''

Anish' reflection after Anand-Carlsen's match.

Before the match Vladimir Kramnik, who knows what he is talking about, said that Anand has to stop fearing Carlsen. I do agree, and I do think that Anand failed in that matter. Whenever I tuned it to watch the press-conference Anand was always underestimating his position. He seemed to be content with 'holding by getting enough counterplay' in game 3, when the whole world, Magnus included, were instead seriously worried about our World Number One...(continue)>>>

©Official website

"The Dutch team had a lot of fun at the event, on and off the board…"

Anish on European Team Championship with his game analysis.

As there are a few days in between the two country team events, the European and the World Team Championship, there is also some time to reflect on the first one. Our team consisted of me, experienced fighter Ivan Sokolov, Erwin L'Ami and Jan Smeets, both very well know what chess is about and finally young and ambitious Robin van Kampen, serving as a fresh blood in the team...(continue)>>>

©Official website

''The role of the favourite proved to be quite a heavy burden…''

Anish on European Club Cup 2013 with his game analysis.

Using the simple logic, the match was going well, we were still favourites, the positions were still unclear, but we already had one victory on our side. However, chess is far more complicated than simple logic and one way or the other our first three boards were unfortunate enough to lose....(continue)>>>

©Official website

"While my tale is not the most fun, neither the most inspirational, such tournaments certainly help one to reflect, analyze and rebound."

Anish on his performance on Grand Prix Paris 2013 with the game annotations.

This unfortunate loss placed me at the bottom of the tournament table and as the fate had it, I never got any higher than that. Although I showed many interesting ideas in the opening and the middlegame, my play lacked stability and already in the fourth round I lost another game due to a simple miscalculation...(continue)>>>

©Official website

FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013

Anish finished the final tournament of FIDE Grand Prix series, which was held in Paris during 21 September to 5 October. Anish' performance was disappointing with 4 losses and 7 draws.

Fabiano Caruana and Boris Gelfand won the tournament. More information can be found in Official Website.

Photo Gallery           Pairings & Results

Game Analysis (Videos): R1 (Gelfand - Giri)      R2 (Ponomariov - Giri)      R3 (Giri - Tomashevsky)

R4 (Dominguez - Giri)      R5 (Giri - Bacrot)      R6 (Hao - Giri)      R7 (Giri - Fressinet)

R8 (Grischuk - Giri)      R9 (Giri - Caruana)      R10 (Ivanchuk - Giri)      R11 (Giri - Nakamura)

©Official website

"…there was not that much hope that we would catch them, or at least that was the feeling I had…"

Anish on Spanish league "Division de Honor" with the game annotations.

On the top boards as well, our rating advantage is quite minimal, as myself, for example, had to play with my good friend Parimarjan Negi, a very talented Indian player. Our game was incredibly complicated half strategic half tactical fight and my extra 80 points of rating were never felt...(continue)>>>

©Official website

Spanish League 'División de Honor' 2013

Anish participated in Spanish League 'División de Honor', which was held during 8-14 September 2013 in Linares. Anish represented the team ''El Sestao Naturgas''.

His team managed to defend the title of Spanish Champion. Anish finished the tournament with 5 points (three wins and four draws).

Anish' article about the event will follow soon!

More information can be found in Official Website (in Spanish).

Chess-Results           Official website

©Official website

''…there can certainly be no doubt that in our match Julio Granda was the deserved winner.''

Anish' article on World Cup 2013 with his game annotations.

I have to be frank, I was very happy with the outcome of the match of my future opponent, Julio Granda, who managed to overcome Peter Leko convincingly. Not that I rate Julio Granda Zuniga much weaker than Peter Leko (although the Elo system does work quite well, from my experience), but it was rather the opening preparation of Peter, that can cast panic on any of his opponent in such a short tense match....(continue)>>>

©Official website

FIDE World Cup 2013, Tromso

Anish participated in FIDE World Cup 2013 in Tromso. This was a knock-out tournament, in which he managed to reach only third round. He won first and second rounds against A. R. Saleh Salim and Chao Li respectively. He lost third round to Julio Granda Zuniga.

''Got knocked out from the WorldCup by Granda Zuniga, got outplayed, was lucky, but didn't use my chances, all-in-all deserved! What's next?!'' - Anish

Detailed information can be found in Official Website.

Anish' interview           Interviewed by Chessvibes           Photo Gallery           Video Reports

Video Gallery               PGN Games

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''I stayed truthful to my tournament strategy……''

Anish' article on GrandPrix 2013 Beijing with video analyses

I have had no wins in my first two events of the GP series (not too many losses fortunately, but still), something that definitely bothered me and therefore my primary goal was clear, to play fighting chess and hopefully get some victories, even if that means taking bigger risks than usual...(continue)>>>

©Official website

Anish in Grand Prix 2013, Beijing

Anish played in his third FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Beijing. He finished the tournament with 50% result- 3 wins, 3 losses and 5 draws, sharing 5-8 place.

Detailed information can be found in Official Website.

Standings           Video Analyses           Photo Gallery           Games (PGN)


Anish wins 26th Magistral Ciudad de León

Anish won the battle against Vassily Ivanchuk in 26th edition of the traditional tournament in León ''Magistral Ciudad de León''. Anish won two desciplines, namely 'classical' and rapid, while he proved to have been weaker in the blitz competition against Vassily. Anish was declared winner on the basis of event scoring system.

''Won the match in Leon against the incredible Chucky, although with the very bittersweet aftertaste of blitz...'' - Anish

Official Website           Press Conference           About Players           Photo Gallery           Facebook

Chessvibes           Chessbase           Chesslive (in Spanish)           Games & Press Releases

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Anish in 26th Magistral Ciudad de León

Anish is participating in a battle with Vassily Ivanchuk in 26th edition of the traditional tournament in León ''Magistral Ciudad de León''.

''It is not a secret that Vassily Ivanchuk is one of the strongest players in the world for the last two decades. I was fortunate to have played him already on various occasions with mixed results and exciting games, wins and losses and I am looking forward to meet him again. I am sure I will learn a lot from this opportunity.'' - Anish

©Official website

Anish in Grand Prix 2013 in Zug

The third stage of Grand Prix Series was held during 17-30 April in Zug, Switzerland.
Over eleven rounds, twelve of the strongest players in the world took part in uncompromising chess battles. Among 12 participants there were three former world champions Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukraine), Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria) and Rustam Kasimdzhanov, World Rapid Chess Champion Sergey Karjakin, the top players of the USA, Italy, Azerbajan, Russia.

Anish was playing his second stage of the series. He shared 7-9 place with one loss and 10 draws. The event was won by Veselin Topalov.

Official Website           Photo Gallery           Pairings & Results           Games (PGN)

Anish's analysing with his opponents:      Round 5      Round 6      Round 7      Round 8      Round 9

Round 10      Round 11

Anish on Bundesliga 2013

Anish' article with game annotations of last three rounds

This weekend I had a chance to play in the last three rounds of Bundesliga.
Bundesliga is known as one of the strongest leagues and this time (now that all the teams played together in the same venue) we all could witness it with our own eyes, walking by the players like Karpov(!),Svidler, Bacrot, Adams, Naiditsch, Harikrishna, Navara and many others...



''Finished another exam period, won a game in Dutch league, won 100 points in ICC bullet pool..:). Now waiting for the Reykjavik Open to start!'' - Anish

Anish finished the tournament with shared 4th place with the plus score! Pavel Eljanov won the tournament.

Tournament Webpage          Anish in Reykjavik           News/Report

Videos           Photo Gallery           Facebook Page

Charity simul for ''Namaste Nepal'' at Grotius Colllege

Anish is giving a charity chess simul on 9 February (Saturday) at 11 AM in the Grotius College in Delft. This event is being organized within the framework of the social activities, being carried out in Nepal by ''Namaste Nepal'' of the Grotius College, in which Anish himself is studying. Moreover, Nepal is the country his father hails from.

The Grotius College has been supporting a school in the village Dandakateri in Nepal. This school was built few years ago with a support of the Grotius College. They are raising funds this year as well to help the school, and the simul event by Anish is one of the activities, being organized for this purpose.

The simul event will take place in one of the premises of the Grotius College, located at Juniusstraat 8 in Delft (starting at 11 AM). Those, who would like to participate, can register via aanmelden@delftseschaaksite.nl.
Participation fee is € 10.0; for youth players € 5.


Information about ''Namaste Nepal''             Photo Gallery

©Sir Francis

TATA Steel Chess Tournament 2013

Anish participated in the TATA Steel Chess, one of the Grand Slam chess tournaments. Anish played in grandmaster group A- a strong field with World Champion Vishy Anand, World No.1 Magnus Carlsen, World No.3 Levon Aronian among other top players.

Anish collected 6 points out of 13 losing two games (against Hari Krishna and Hou Yifan), winning one (against Fabiano Caruana) and 10 draws against the rest.

The tournament was won by Magnus Carlsen. Congratulations!!!

Hikaru-Anish (Game analysis by Daniel King)             Anish-Magnus (Game analysis by Daniel King)

First interview with Anish           Last interview with Anish          Daily Report          Video Gallery

Photo Gallery           Photo by Frans Peeters           Photo by Sir Francis           Facebook Page

©Fred Lucas
''Wishing everyone best of luck in the Year 2013!''

Anish is looking back to 2012...

While it's hard to take a break and have a look at the past year, as the tournaments are taking you into an ongoing circle starting one after another and giving you no breaks or time to look back at all, I will still try to briefly review my past chess year, which had lots of ups and downs and fascinating events....(continue)>>>

©José Diaz


With a gratitude to all our visitors, well-wishers and friends for being with us and helping us in one way or the other throughout the last year, we wish a very happy, successful and prosperous New Year 2013!!!


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World Cities Chess Championship 2012 in U.A.E.

City Hoogeveen, The Netherlands is the World Champion!

The City of Hoogeveen, The Netherlands, represented by Anish and his teammates Ivan Sokolov, Sergei Tiviakov and Jan Smeets, became World City Champion after beating Baku, Azerbaijan 2.5-1.5 in the finals of the knockout part of the tournament.
The tournament was organized during 21-28 December 2012 in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

©Official website

Reports in the official site          Photo Gallery

FIDE report                        Chessvibes report

Anish' interview, taken by the organizers during the event

"Weather condition makes this tournament half a vacation"- Anish

©Anastasiya Karlovich

Anish in World Mind Games 2012 in Beijing

Anish was invited to participate in SportAkkord World Mind Games that was held during 12-19 December 2012 in Beijing. The participants of this event were Levon Aronian (former World Blitz Champion and World no.2), Teimour Radjabov, Sergey Karyakin (World Rapid Champion 2012), former World Champion Veselin Topalov, Alexander grischuk (World Blitz Champion 2012) among other GMs with a rating over 2700 ELO.

The detailed news about the event can be found in the official site.

Reports in the official site          Photo Gallery

Anish with Garry Kasparov in an event in Kerkrade

Anish was invited for an event that was held on 16-17 November 2012 in Kerkrade. The event was organized on the occasion of Martin Buber Award ceremony for Garry Kasparov.

Anish was also participated in a simul event together with Garry Kasparov.

Interviews in Dutch news program EenVandaag (Anish' interview appears in 01.55 min)

Report in Dutch          Photo Gallery by Arno Ypelaar

Anish' article on Spanish Club Championship 2012

''My games were pretty simple and straightforward- the way I like them to be…''

''I was looking forward to the tournament for the various reasons, as not only was I eager to show a good result (or at least just play chess!), but also due to my gastronomical preferences (I speak of jámon and Spanish fresh orange juice- I advise!)...
I must be honest that I already started to miss those days when I was happy to look at the tournament table. At a very unexpected moment (right after my first school exam period was finished), our Spanish team won the National title and I managed to contribute on board three, with a sweet score of 5 out of 6.'' Please click here to continue (game analyses have been added!!!) >>>

©Official website

Spanish Club Championship División de Honor 2012

Anish participated in Spanish Club Championship División de Honor that was taken place during 5-11 November in León. This was a round robin tournament in which 8 strong clubs had been qualified.

Anish represented the club Sestao Naturgas Energia that became the Spanish champion this year. His teammates were Leinier Dominguez Perez (Cuba), Maxime Vahier-Lagrave (France), Laurent Fressinet (France), Romain Edouard (France) among others.

Anish played 6 games out of seven with 4 wins and two draws (Chess-results).

Officical website           Chessvibes report          Results          Photo Gallery        Games (pgn)

©Fred Lucas

Anish on his past and future tourneys

A video interview by Chessvibes

During the Unive tournament (on 27 October 2012), Anish had shared his thoughts with Chessvibes on his past and upcoming tourneys . The excerpt of this video interview:

©Official website

Unive Chess Tournament 2012

Anish participated in 16th Unive Chess Tournament, which was held during 20-27 October. This was a four double round robin tournament with the participation of four players. Other three players are Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Sergey Tiviakov (The Netherlands) and the Women World Champion Hou Yifan (China).

Anish was third with one loss and 5 draws. Hikaru Nakamura won the event.

Other details about the tournament can be found in the official website.

Video Gallery           Photo Gallery        Games (pgn)


European Chess Club Cup 2012

Anish took part in European Chess Club Cup for the team SHSM-64 (Moscow). His team secured the bronze medal.
Anish played 6 games out of 7 with three wins, one loss and two draws.

SOCAR Azerbaijan and St. Petersburg Chess Federation won the gold and the silver medals respectively. Further report on the tournament can be found in the official website.

Official website         Results           Photo Gallery         Video Gallery

©Fred Lucas

FIDE Grand Prix 2012, London

Anish participated in the first tournament of FIDE Grand Prix cycle that was held in London during 20 September to 4 October 2012.

His performance was not very satisfactory given 3 losses and 8 draws, sharing 11-12th place. The details of the tournament can be found in the official website.

Grand Prix London, featured in CNN

Anish in GP London (Pictures by Fred Lucas, Macauley Peterson, Nastya Karlovich and Chess-News)

Video excerpts with comments by Anish and his opponents:     Round 1     Round 2      Round 3

Round 4      Round 5      Round 6      Round 7      Round 8      Round 9      Round 10      Round 11

Photo Gallery         Video Gallery        Participants

Anish on World Chess Olympiad 2012

''I was happy that my teammates made me feel pretty useless...''

''An explanation to my absence was the schedule issue (after two weeks of saying 'passport issue', I realized that this is a better way to put it). Receiving a late invitation to the London Grand-Prix tournament (starting on 20 September), I had no choice but to send my Russian passport to England, hoping that it will return on time. The delay was not exactly unexpected, though the hope remained that I will be on time to take off to Istanbul.'' Please click here to continue (Annotations have been added!!!)>>


World Chess Olympiad 2012

Dutch team managed to achieve 6th place in World Chess Olympiad 2012 that was held in Istanbul, Turkey.
Anish played 7 games out of 11. He had to miss first five rounds due to the absence of his passport that had been stuck for more than two weeks at UK Border Agency for an entry permit (he needed it to participate in upcoming London Grand Prix).
As saying goes: 'Whatever happens, happens for good'. Anish could join first week of his last school year, and at the same time, he was somehow able to help the team.

''Finished 6th with the Dutch team at Olympiad! Not sure if I contributed that much, but under my ''supervision'' things went surprisingly well!'' - Anish

Video excerpts of Anish' Press Conference at the Olympiad         Full Press Conference

Official Website        Results         Bulletins         Games (PGN)

Photo Gallery         Video Gallery        Dutch Team

©Official website

Biel Chess Tournament 2012

''…..why on earth I was included in there….''

Anish on Biel Tournament

''Being the 45th edition, the organizers collected a remarkable line-up of players, leaving me to wonder happily, why on earth I was included in there, next to stars like Carlsen, Morozevich, Nakamura, Wang Hao, Bacrot and later also Bologan...'' Please click here to continue (added game analysis)>>

Anish' interview after the tournament

Analysis with Anish: Round 1   Round 2   Round 3   Round 5   Round 7   Round 8   Round 9  Round 10

Daily Reports         Official website         Photo Gallery         Video Gallery         Games (PGN)

©Official website

Dutch Championship 2012

Three-Time Dutch Champion

Anish's become Dutch champion in second consecutive year, and three times so far- an honor at his 18!

In women section, Tea Lanchava has become Dutch champion for the first time. Congratulations!!!

Anish' interview by Chessvibes

ChessVista Report        Anish' interview (in Dutch)         Official website         Games (PGN)

Photo Gallery         Video Gallery        Media coverage

Officially an ADULT!

Anish's become 18 on 28 June 2012.

©Official website

French League 2012

Anish is playing in French league, being held during 31 May to 10 June. He is representing the club Chalons en Champagne.

LIVE         Official website         Photo Gallery

Games (PGN from TWIC)


World Chess Championship Match 2012

Viswanathan Anand from India has retained his title!

Anish' analysis on Round 9
''....14.bxc3 Qc7 15.c4 Bxf3?? An incredibly bad decision. Anand certainly missed that after e6-e5 white always has Bf5!, so the whole concept is just a blunder. Now Black has a terribly unpleasant position.
[15...h6 is the most logical to come 16.Bd2 (16.Bh4 Nh5 ) 16...Qd6!? should be just fine for Black. I don't know what Anand disliked here. (16...Ng4 now compared to my game with Hikaru white has an extra option- 17.Be4 Bxe4 18.Qxe4 Ngf6 19.Qh4!? and c4 is protected, but then again, I can't imagine this being really dangerous.)]...'' Please click here to continue>>>

©Official website

20th Sigeman Chess Tournament 2012

A plus score for Anish
The 20th anniversary of the Sigeman chess tournament took place in Malmo during 9-16 May 2012. Having won final round, Anish was able to share third place with Nils Grandelius. Anish won two games, lost one and drew four (i.e., 4 points out of 7). Rating favourates Fabiano Caruana and Peter Leko acquired first and second places respectively.

Tournament site        Games         Photo Gallery

The biggest drop off!

Anish's dropped 24 Elo points in the current rating list, probably the biggest drop off so far.
''A lot of elo points have been lost since the last tweet.. time to come back..at first to Twitter! Getting ready for Malmö now!:)''- Anish

Please click here to view Anish' interview

©Official website
Zurich Chess Challenge: Kramnik vs Aronian

Anish' annotations (Round 1-4)
''Levon never plays 1.e4 in a serious game, and as far as I remember, he reasoned it with the fact that he will need a fresh territory to explore once he is on pension. Seems like after a great success in Wijk aan Zee and the first game of the match, Levon decided that it's time to retire. Another (more boring) version is that he decided to expand his repertoire, but I choose to believe the first one....''
Please click here to continue

The last round of Dutch league

22 April 2012
Anish played in the last round of Dutch league for the club HMC Calder, which came second this year. The club Voerendaal has become champion.
A short interview with Anish right after his game.

©Eldar Mukhametov

19th Russian Team Championship

Anish played in the 19th Russian Team Championship in Sochi (Loo) that was held during 8-15 April. He was playing for the club SHSM-64 together with his team-mates Fabiano Caruana, Wang Hao, Peter Leko, Aleksandr Ryazantsev, Boris Grachev, Vladimir Potkin and Evgeny Najer.

Anish played only three games out of seven, and collected 2 points. His team SHSM-64 (the defending champion) came third this time with 10 match points. Tomsk-400 won the championship.

Anish' games can be viewed in the viewer.

Tournament site        News (in Russian)

Photo Gallery        Video Gallery

©official website

European Individual Championship 2012

Anish participated in the 13th European Individual Chess Championship in Plovdiv that was held during 19-31 March 2012.

Anish' performance was one of the worst in his career (not that long career so far, though). He collected 6.5 out of 11 with a rating performance of 2543 that resulted in the loss of 22 Elo points!
The championship was won by Dmitry Jakovenko (2729) from Russia.

Article in The New York Times

Tournament site        Photo Gallery        Video Gallery

©official website
27-31 March
Rounds 7-11
After the rest-day, Anish sarted the round (7th) with a loss against Fodor Tamas Jr (2482). Nevertheless, he managed to garner 3.5 out of 4 by winning three following games and a draw.

24-25 March
Round 5-6
Anish lost his game against Frank Holzke (2508) in round 5, and won against Manea Alexandru (2381) in round 6. He has 3 points out of 6. Monday is the rest-day!

22-23 March
Rounds 3-4
In 3rd and 4th rounds, Anish managed merely to split the points against 'weaker on paper' opponents, namely IM Stojanovic Dalibor (2471) and IM Paichadze Luka (2491) respectively.

20-21 March
Rounds 1-2
After having a good start (winning the first game), Anish went down in his game of the second round against his younger opponent Illya Nyzhnyk.

''I am very glad, and grateful to Garry Kimovich…''

Anish' impression on a tête-à-tête with Garry Kasparov

''Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet the legendary World Champion Garry Kasparov. A brief meeting in Germany (Garry Kimovich was on his way to the European Parliament in Strasbourg) had been arranged and I had a golden chance to hear what one of the strongest chess players ever had to say about my chess.

I was rather flattered with the fact that Garry Kimovich had carefully gone through most of my games and gave his feedback on the most interesting ones. Some unnoticed resources emerged; moreover, he highlighted my strengths and weaknesses, something that will certainly be useful for me in my future chess career.

It was also a great feeling to be able to analyze some fascinating positions with Garry Kimovich, and I was amazed to see how quickly he generates ideas, even after quitting competitive chess and not playing for so many years. The insights of Garry Kimovich into chess as a whole, matters related to it in one way or another, and even our informal conversations during supper will certainly be of great help.

On the whole, I am very glad, and grateful to Garry Kimovich for his kind willingness to arrange a slot in his hectic schedule for this tête-à-tête.

Last but not least, I am thankful to my supporters, namely Managementboek and Simonis & Buunk as well as our friend Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, who helped us to make this meeting possible and I hope for more opportunities in the days to come!''

''…though this time there was no Anand to tell me that it was a lucky number…''
Anish' article on TATA-2012 with the comments of his games

Just a week after a very fortunate event in Reggio, I left on another important, I can already say yearly (the 4th year!), mission in Wijk aan Zee. Running ahead, I can say I haven't entirely accomplished the mission as planned, but the valuable experience has definitely been added to my small but growing luggage.

Please click here to continue


''...disappointing finish in Wijk...''

''Somewhat disappointing finish in Wijk, but hopefully this great experience will help in my next battles! Back to school till March... :)''

©Fred Lucas

Anish' interview, taken right after the TATA tournament

Videos with Anish' interviews

Daily News

Tournament on Facebook

Video Gallery        Photo Gallery

Our site ANISHGIRI.NL has become one-year old now (14 January)!

We express our sincere gratitude to those, who are helping us to maintain this multi-linguistic website. Furthermore, we heartily thankful to all of you for regularly following Anish and supporting him with your goodwill and warm wishes.

We are always happy to get your feedback and constructive critics.

Please stay with us!!!

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I do hope that the good old saying ''the way you meet the year is the way you spend it'' will turn out to be more than just a saying.
Anish on Reggio Emilia with his games' annotation

''...strictly speaking I thought the half a point that we were playing for didn't affect the standing as I was very confident about Morozevich winning his game against Vitiugov. So, after I finished my own game, I had congratulated myself with a fine second place and went back to my room.''

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The youngest winner in the 54-year old history of the 'Torneo di Capodanno' in Reggio Emilia

Winning 54th Reggio Emilia Chess Tournament turned out to be the biggest win so far for Anish in his young chess career.

For the first time, Anish had been invited to take part in this prestigious tournament (54th Torneo di Capodanno), held in Reggio Emilia during 26 December 2011 till 6 January 2012. This year, it was a 6-player double round robin tournament, and other players were Vassily Ivanchuk (2775), Alexander Morozevich (2762), Hikaru Nakamura (2758), Nikita Vitiugov (2729) and Fabiano Caruana (2727). So, Anish was the lowest rated player in the field!

By beating Hikaru Nakamura in the penultimate round, it was Anish, who created an interesting final round set up ('throwing a cat among the pigeons' as expressed by Colin Mcgourty in WhyChess). Anish himself believes that he was extremely lucky to win this tournament. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that each and every player had a bit of both 'luck' and 'ill-luck' in this particular tournament. Probably Anish had slightly more of it, which is, in effect, one of the prerequisites for anyone for being the winner of any competition!

Anish' interview        Photo Gallery 1        Photo Gallery 2

Media coverages:

Anish Giri wins his first big one- An interview with Anish in Chessvibes
Giri, in a wild chess finish, wins Reggio Emilia - The Washington Times
The stars align for Anish Giri as he takes first! - Chessbase Report
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Anish Giri winner of Reggio Emilia after the dramatic finish - Chessdom News

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Round 10

''if only I had so much luck all the time...''
In the last round, Anish made a quick draw against Fabiano Caruana. Since both Nakamura and Morozevich lost their last round games, it tunred out that Anish emerged as a sole winner of the tournament!

Back home after a shocking win in Reggio..Oh, if only I had so much luck all the time..:) Now-celebration, relaxation, preparation and Wijk!-twitted Anish.

Round 9

One more win
In the penultimate round, Anish won against Hikaru Nakamura with black pieces.

TWIC Report
Giri beat Nakamura on the black side of a Petroff. Nakamura was never better and eventually drifted into a lost position.
The game showed why the Petroff went through such a period of popularity a few years ago, black can win if white has ambitions of his own. Here Nakamura was not better, didn't take a firm decision to try and draw and eventually drifted into a lost position which Giri finished securely.

Nakamura,Hikaru - Giri,Anish [C42]
54th Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia ITA (9), 05.01.2012

©Official website
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d6 4.Nf3 Nxe4 5.Nc3 Nxc3 6.dxc3 Be7 7.Be3 Nd7 8.Qd2 0-0 9.0-0-0 c6 10.h4 Re8 11.Bd3
[11.h5 Nf6 12.Bd3 Nd5 13.Bg5 Bg4 14.Rdg1 h6 15.Bxh6 gxh6 16.Qxh6 f5 17.Qg6+ Kh8 18.Qh6+ Kg8 19.Qg6+ Kh8 20.Qh6+ 1/2-1/2 Moll,A (2180)-Hopman,P (2304)/Amsterdam NED 2006/The Week in Chess 611]
[11...Nf6 12.Rde1 d5 13.Bd4 c5 14.Bxf6 Bxf6 15.Qf4 Be6 16.Ng5 g6 17.Bb5 Rf8 18.Nxe6 fxe6 19.Rxe6 Bxc3 20.Qg4 Bg7 21.h5 c4 22.hxg6 h6 23.Rd1 Qa5 24.Rxd5 Qxa2 25.Bxc4 Qxb2+ 26.Kd1 Kh8 27.f3 a5 28.Rd7 Qb1+ 29.Kd2 Qb4+ 30.Kd1 a4 31.Qh4 Qb1+ 32.Kd2 Qb4+ 33.Kd1 1/2-1/2 Nakamura,H (2729)-Kramnik,V (2790)/Moscow 2010/CBM 139; 11...Qa5 12.Kb1 Ne5 13.Nxe5 dxe5 14.Qe2 Be6 15.Bc4 Bxc4 16.Qxc4 Rad8 17.h5 Rxd1+ 18.Rxd1 Rd8 19.Rd3 a6 20.Qg4 Qc7 21.Qe4 g6 22.g4 Rxd3 23.cxd3 Qd7 24.Qxe5 Qxd3+ 25.Kc1 Qd6 26.Qe4 Qe6 27.Qxe6 fxe6 28.Kc2 gxh5 29.gxh5 e5 30.Kd3 Kf7 31.Ke4 1/2-1/2 Caruana,F (2675)-Kramnik,V (2788)/Wijk aan Zee 2010/CBM 135]
12.Ng5 Nf8 13.h5?!
White was not one bit better and now after this he is in danger of beting worse if he isn't careful.
13...Bf6 14.Nf3 Bg4 15.Rde1 Bxf3 16.gxf3 Ne6 17.f4
[17.h6 g6 18.Kb1 b5]
17...h6 18.a3 Qa5 19.Qd1 Nc5 20.Bf5?!
Maybe it was time to start exchanging off pieces and getting a draw.
[20.Bxc5 Qxc5 21.Rxe8+ Rxe8 22.Re1 Rxe1 23.Qxe1]
20...Na4 21.Qd3 Nc5
[21...Nxc3 22.bxc3 (22.Bd2 d4 23.Rhg1) 22...Bxc3 23.Reg1 c5]
22.Qd1 Qb5 23.Qe2 Qa4 24.Qd1 Ne4
Black has at least equalised and white seems to be looking for a way to repeat and draw.
25.Bxe4 Rxe4 26.Rhg1 Rae8 27.Rg3 Kh8 28.Reg1 Qc4 29.Kb1 c5 30.Qd3?!
[30.Qf3 Qb5 31.Qg2 Rg8 32.Bc1]
30...b6 31.Qxc4 Rxc4 32.Rd1 d4 33.cxd4
[33.Bc1 Re2 34.b3 Rxc3 35.Rxc3 dxc3 36.Be3 Might well be holdable.]

33...cxd4 34.b3?
34.Bd2 Re2 35.Rg2 with chances for a draw. 34...dxe3! 35.bxc4 exf2 36.Rf3 Re1 37.Kc1 Bd4
As the game goes it seems black is just winning here.
38.c3 Be3+ 39.Kc2 f5 40.a4 a5 41.c5 Bxc5
and white will run out of moves.
[41...Bxc5 42.Kd2 Be3+ and the white king is forced back. Basically white can't move anything and black will create a passed h-pawn with g6 and queen it.]

Round 8

Winning with white against Vitiugov
Anish managed to win against Nikita Vitiugov in round 8.

TWIC Report
Anish Giri beat Nikita Vitiugov in a nicely played Sicilian Kan after getting a huge bind out of the opening in return for the exchange. Once the exchange was returned his remaining initiative was enough for a comfortable win.
The position was miserable for black and eventually Vitiugov decided to return the exchange, probably he chose the wrong moment, because he was extremely passively placed with level material and the loss followed as a matter of course.

Giri,Anish - Vitiugov,Nikita [B41]
54th Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia ITA (8), 04.01.2012

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.Be2 Nf6 6.Nc3 Bb4 7.e5 Nd5 8.0-0 Nxc3 9.bxc3 Bxc3
[9...Be7 1/2-1/2 Negi,P (2621)-Muzychuk,A (2523)/Wijk aan Zee NED 2010/The Week in Chess 793 (41)]
10.Ba3 Qa5 11.Bd6 Nc6 12.Nxc6 dxc6 13.f4 Bxa1
Black grabs the exchange but white's bind is pretty impressive.
[13...Bb4 14.Qd4 Bxd6 15.exd6 f6 16.c4 c5 17.Qd3 Bd7 18.Bh5+ Kf8 19.f5 exf5 20.Rae1 g6 21.Re7 Bc6 22.Qe3 h6 23.Qe6 1-0 Civric,Z (2206)-Mikavica,D (2034)/Budva MNE 2009/The Week in Chess 749]

14... Qd2 15.Bd3 Qe3+ 16.Kh1 Bd7 17.Qb2 b5 18.a4 Rc8 19.f5! exf5

20.e6! Qxe6
Returning the exchange to try and break the attack.
[20...Bxe6 21.Qxg7 Kd7 22.Bf4 Rcg8 23.Qc3 and white has more than enough for the exchange.]
21.Qxg7 Qxd6 22.Qxh8+ Qf8 23.Qxh7 Kd8 24.Bxf5 Bxf5 25.Qxf5 Kc7 26.c4
The material is level but black is so passively placed.
26...Kb6 27.Rb1 b4 28.a5+ Kc7 29.c5 Rb8 30.Qe5+ Kc8 31.Qf5+ Kc7 32.Qf4+ Kc8 33.Rxb4 Rxb4 34.Qxb4 Qh6 35.Qc4 Kd8 36.h4 f5 37.Qd4+ Kc8 38.Qc4 Kd8 39.Kh2 Ke7 40.Qd4 Qh5 41.Kh3 Qg6 42.Qe3+ Kd7 43.Qd2+ Ke8 44.Qf4 Qf6 45.Qd6 Qc3+ 46.Kh2 Qxa5
Black is busted but decides to grab material in case white messes up.
47.Qxc6+ Kf7 48.Qd5+ Kf6 49.Qd6+ Kf7 50.Qd7+ Kf6 51.Qc6+ Kf7 52.Qb7+ Kg8 53.Qc8+ Kg7 54.Qxf5
There is nothing to play on for. 1-0

Round 7

A 'solid' draw...
Anish' game in round 7 (with black) against Morozevich was equalized pretty quickly.

A 'solid' draw after two wins, so still on 50%. Tomorrow white vs. Vitiugov!- Anish

©Official website
TWIC Report
Alexander Morozevich quickly called off aggressive intentions against Anish Giri and allowed a draw by repetition.
Alexander Morozevich pushed his Kingside pawns with aggressive intent right out of the opening in a topical variation of the Queen's Gambit against Anish Giri. However almost immediately he acquiesced to a repetition in a position where he didn't look one bit better.

Morozevich,Alexander - Giri,Anish [D31]
54th Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia ITA (7), 03.01.2012

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Be7 4.cxd5 exd5 5.Bf4 c6 6.e3 Bf5 7.g4 Be6 8.h4 Nd7 9.g5 h6 10.g6N
[10.Qf3 0-1 Zacurdajev,M (2408)-Klimov,S (2483)/St Petersburg RUS 2008/The Week in Chess 691 (40)]
[10...fxg6 11.Bd3 Bf7 12.Qc2 Ngf6 13.Bxg6 0-0]
11.gxf7+ Bxf7 12.Bd3 Nh5 13.Be5 0-0 14.Qg4 Nhf6 15.Qg3 Nh5 16.Qg4 Nhf6 17.Qg3 Nh5

After yesterday's loss Morozevich probably didn't want to push his luck in a level position. 1/2-1/2

Round 6

A good start of the year!
Anish' first game of this year went well with a win over Vassily Ivanchuk (and with white pieces?!).

Today young players are the protagonists: Anish Giri has completely ruined Vassily Ivanchuk's hopes of winning Reggio Emilia's tournament ( it has to be noticed that the Ukrainian player has taken part five times in this tournament). Actually the win seems to be more a black's negligence rather than white's credit, of course we aren't speaking about Giri's skills, but Ivanchuk's opening seems to have weak pawns since the beginning and it doesn't seem to be solved before the ending (Official report).

Chessbase report

Round 5

Happy New Year...
The 5th round on the last day of the year went fine for Anish. He finally managed to win a game (with black pieces) that was against Fabiano Caruana .

A victory with Petroff to conclude the year- what can be better! Happy New Year!:) twitted Anish...

with Fabiano
Anish Giri wakes up and wins against Fabiano. The position is weak since the opening and Black's pieces activity is really impressive after the 19th move . With Rad1 which allowds Bh5, we arrive to a hopeless position for White, just till the devastating Kxf2 (which was a good move even before). At the 29th move... Re3 would have closed the game, but even Giri's choice is winning. We hope that the resting day will help him for the next rounds! (Official report)

Last but not least, there was a joyful New Year Eve celebration with all players and organizers. We express our gratitude to the organizers for this decent event.
The next round robin starts from 2 January 2012. 1 January is a rest day. Happy New Year!

Round 4

Losing again with white!
Anish lost his second white game, and this time against Nakamura.

Anish Giri is a bit inattentive (it seems that he hasn't seen an eventual Rxc5, Qd4+!) and he surrenders in front of a focused Nakamura. The American gives him no respite, and in a quite critical for White and obliges him to defend (Official report).

©Official website
Round 3

A draw against Vitiugov
Anish shared the point with Vitiugov in third round.

Vitjugov starts the game by using a variation of the Indian Grünfeld, but Giri isn't unprepared: he has always been very solid in defense. White's efforts to attack are without an effective success, the game is so balanced that we arrive at the White's Zeitnot and after the time control the game ends with a draw (Official report).

Round 2

Lost with white to Morozevich
''Lost with white to Morozevich, the position was too shaky right out of the opening and suicide didn't help :).. Hope for better tomorrow!:)''- Anish after today's loss!

In round 2 the game between Giri and Morozevich was the most exciting: the Dutch player started with brave moves, but Morozevich, who has been called "the magician" among the audience, took control of the situation and in few moves he imprisoned the white king, which became an easy target (Official report).

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Round 1

Escaped with a draw vs. Ivanchuk..
''Escaped with a draw vs. Ivanchuk.. after all the knight on a8 looked not as stupid as it looked on the screen before the game.. :)''- twitted Anish after the game.

Anish can be satisfied with his start, as he held the great Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk to a draw, with Black. The 17-year-old Dutchman 'couldn't resist' (in his own words) going for a complicated line in a Queen's Gambit Declined, against his 25 years older opponent. It involved a short-term exchange sacrifice but a white knight would remain trapped on a8 for a long time. At some point Ivanchuk missed one or two chances for an advantage, and then a forced liquidation led to a drawn endgame (Chessvibes).

Brief analysis by Chessvibes with Anish' input

Ivanchuk, Vassily - Giri, Anish
Reggio Emilia ITA, 2011.12.27

1. c4 Nf6 2. Nf3 e6 3. Nc3 d5 4. d4 Be7 5. Bg5 h6 6. Bxf6 Bxf6 7. e3 O-O 8. Rc1 c6 9. Be2 dxc4 10. Bxc4 Nd7 11. O-O e5 12. Ne4 exd4 13. Nxd4 Be5 14. f4 Bc7
Only this is the first new move. It wasn't Anish's main line in his analysis but he told us that during the game he 'couldn't resist playing it'. : -) Recently 14... Bxd4 15. Qxd4 Nb6 16. Qxd8 Rxd8 was played by a Dutch GM of another generation: 17. Bb3 Nd5 18. Rfe1 Nc7 19. Kf2 Be6 20. Bxe6 Nxe6 21. Red1 Kf8 Cramling,P (2495)-Van der Sterren,P (2514)/Amsterdam 2011
15. Bxf7+!?

Chuky goes for it. White will win an exchange but his knight on a8 will remain trapped for a while.
15... Rxf7 16. Ne6 Qe8 17. Nxc7 Qxe4 18. Nxa8 Qxe3+ 19. Rf2 Nf6
20. Qe1 Qxe1+ 21. Rxe1 Nd5
21... Bf5!? 21... Kh7!? 22. Re8+ Rf8 23. Rfe2
23. Rxf8+ Kxf8 24. Rf3 seemed "tricky for Black" (Anish Giri).
23... b5
23... Kf7? allows the knight to escape with 24. Nc7!
24. R2e5 a6 With 24... Bb7 25. Rxf8+ Kxf8 26. Rxd5 cxd5 27. Nc7 b4 28. Ne6+ Ke7 29. Nxg7 Kf6 30. Ne8+ Ke7 31. Nc7 d4 Black might be able to draw.
25. f5
Both players missed the strong 25. g3! e.g. 25... Bb7 26. Nb6! Nxb6 27. R5e7 Bc8 28. Rxf8+ Kxf8 29. Rc7 and White is better.
25... Bb7
Now it's more or less a forced draw.
26. Rxf8+ Kxf8 27. Rxd5 cxd5 28. Nc7 Kf7 29. Kf2 d4 30. g4 g5 31. fxg6+ Kxg6 32. Ne6 Bc8 33. Nxd4 Bxg4 34. Kg3 Kg5 35. h4+ Kh5 36. a3 Bd7 37. Nf3 Bc8 38. Ne5 Bb7 39. b4 Bc8 40. Nc6 Bd7 41. Nb8 Bc8 42. Nc6 Bd7 1/2-1/2

We Wish You Merry Christmas As Well As Healthy, Wealthy & Prosperous New Year 2012!

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Back from Beijing!

Anish took part in SportAccord World Mind Games that was held in Beijing during 8-16 December. This appeared to be an elite event, in which 16 men (rated over 2700!) and 16 women players were invited. The event was comprised of 7 rounds of rapid, 15 rounds of blitz and 7 rounds of blindfold games.

Anish managed to gain merely 2.5 points out of 7 in Rapid, 5 points out of 15 in blitz and 3 points out of 7 in blindfolds. So, the tournament was not successful one (to put it mildly!); nevertheless the event was an interesting as well as useful experience for him given that the format of the participants was pretty impressive.

''Back from Beijing where I played the exciting Mind Games tournament, enough of Games, now Mind is on school and Reggio preparations..''- twitted Anish.

Official Website       Photo Gallery

''I am slowly becoming an experienced team player…''
Anish on Spanish Team Championship with his games' annotation

''....After all my uncompromising Spanish adventures ended with a modest +1, the ELO win was the modest -1 point, so everything was balanced again.
At the end we shared the first place, remained unbeaten and have beaten the winner. What can be better would you ask? I can answer- to be the actual winner!
Well, hopefully that's for the next time.''

Please click here to continue (Annotations are added!!!)

Spanish Team Championship 2011
CECLUB División de Honor

''To relax would be nice, but exams don't wait...''

Anish was active in Spanish Team Championship (CECLUB División de Honor) in Melilla during 20-26 November. He was playing for the club 'CA Sestao Naturgas Energia'. His team-mates were, among others, Leinier Dominguez (Cuba), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France), Edouard Romain (France).
It was the six round-robin match among seven strong clubs. Anish played all six games and had 3.5 points (three wins, two losses and only one draw!).
The club secured shared first place, although became second in the tie-break despite being only one undefeated team, and even managed to beat the champion (Gros Xake Taldea) in the last round.

''Spanish league went fine, second place for the team and +1 for me with 5/6 decisive games :) To relax would be nice, but exams don't wait...''- Anish.

Chessvibes Report       Official Website        Photo Gallery

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European Team Championship

''It's an honour to represent Board 1 of the Netherlands''
The championship has been over. Anish was representing the Netherlands, and playing on board 1 for the first time for the country. His other team-mates were Loek van Wely, Ivan Sokolov, Jan Smeets and Daniel Stellwagen.
Germany became the European champion 2011. The Dutch team performed well acquiring a respectable position- 6th spot in the final standing. Anish' performance was satisfactory; he earned 5 points out of 9 (2 wins, 6 draws and a loss) with the rating performance of 2723.

Anish' interview (Courtesy of tournament website)        Photo Gallery        Video Gallery

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Round 7-9
The last three rounds were not bad for the Dutch team with two wins and a loss that leaded them to the 6th place in the final ranking. Anish had a win against Hristos Banikas (2620), a loss against Levon Aronian (2802) and a draw against David Navara (2724).

Round 4-6
These three rounds went satisfactorily for Dutch team with two wins (against Serbia and Poland in round 4 and 6 respectively) and a loss against Romania in round 5. Anish achieved no more than three draws, namely against Ivan Ivanisevic (2636), Constantin Lupulescu (2657) and Radoslaw Wojtaszek (2705), and thus stands so far unbeaten with 3.5 points out of 6.

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Round 1-3
In first three rounds the Dutch team has one winning point (against Sweden) and two draws (against Finland and Russia). Anish has 2 points out of 3 (two draws- against Tomi Nyback and Peter Svidler, and a win against Hans Tikkanen).

Unive Crown Group 2011
Anish' article and game annotations

''With some school exams and tests here and there (and there, and there…), the big plans for the preparation had to be reconsidered a little, and eventually I arrived to the tournament with a fresh head and hope that studying math will prove more useful than studying Kramnik's QGD in the long run anyway, as the theory of QGD progresses, unlike that of derivatives and tangent lines, making the latter a more attractive and useful option to study. Yet, I shouldn't exaggerate too much; after all I wasn't that badly prepared thanks to the fact that the repertoire-database can only grow and the ideas tend to accumulate....''

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Unive Chess Tournament 2011
This year's Unive Chess Tournament is over. Anish was playing in the Crown Group together with Judit Polgar (Hungary), Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) and Lagrave Vachier Maxime (France).
Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik won the tournament. Anish became second, and had a good tournament.
''Finished the tournament with a more-than-comfortable draw :) Again the magic 50%; Now time to relax and get ready for the European Teams..:)''.

Please click here for the full report.

Chessvibes report        Chessbase report        WhyChess report

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European Club Cup 2011
Time to move on!
''Shared 3rd-6th for our 64- a painful result as yesterday's match seemed so promising...Now time to get back to school and come back in Univé!''- Anish

Last two rounds
A win and a draw for Anish

With a win in round 6 (against Bragi Thorfinnsson) and a draw in the last round (against Alexander Moiseenko), Anish managed to have 50% result (3.5/7). The team SHSM-64 has shared 3rd to 6th place, and the team St. Petersburg Chess Federation has become European Club Champion 2011.

©Official website
Rounds 4-5
Anish lost in round 5

After another draw in round 4 (against Aleksey Dreev), Anish suffered his first loss against Arkadij Naiditsch. Today was not a good day for his team SHSM-64 either as they lost to Baden Baden.

Rounds 1-3
Three draws in a row

''5,5-0,5 victory for our 64 team... obviously I am the 0,5 one! :) Had a very strange game, hope next one will be better :)''..that's how Anish started his tournament in Rogaška Slatina with his team SHSM-64 (Moscow). After three rounds, he has 50% and the team with 100% score. The tough challenge's starting from now on!

All the games at WhyChess              Official Website

FIDE World Chess Cup 2011
Game analysis by Anish (Kamsky-Svidler)

''The World Cup was after all won by Peter Svidler, who after clinching his 6th Russian title continues his glorious rise. Instead of fighting in the endless tie-breaks, Peter chose a wise formula of beating his opponents in classical games with the black pieces. This game is his second win against Kamsky. ...''

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FIDE World Chess Cup 2011
Game analysis by Anish (Sutovsky-Ivanchuk)

''This system is often used in the so called must-win situation. The main advantage being that white isn't given an opportunity to dry the game from the start (something I cannot imagine Emil Sutovsky would ever do). Ironically enough, I must admit, I saw much more cases when Black ended up in lost position after 10-20 moves than the cases when he actually succeeded in winning, but that is mostly to blame on the fact that a lot of players playing the system do have a lot of ambitions and eagerness but do not possess enough knowledge of the system itself. This, however, cannot be said about Vassily Ivanchuk, no matter what system we are talking about...''

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Encounter with Ruslan Ponomaryov in Dortmund 2011
Game analysis by Anish

''This was my second encounter against Ruslan in Dortmund. The first one I lost so badly, that I was kind of waiting for this game, that could make me recover, all those days in between:)...''

Please click here to go to the page with his analyses.

Some recent articles and interviews with Anish

  • Interview in The Telegraph (India)
  • A Video Interview After Dortmund 2011
  • Interview in Schach-Magazin by Hartmut Metz (in German)
  • Interview in Schach-Magazin by Eric van Reem (in German)
  • Article in Berliner Zeitung by Stefan Löffler (in German)
  • Articles in different newspapers (in German)
  • Interview by OnlineChessLesson

  • Closing Ceremony

    July 21 - 31, 2011
    Sparkassen Chess-Meeting in Dortmund
    ''50%, fine result, some shaky games- basically the usual stuff''

    Sparkassen Chess-Meeting in Dortmund is over. Anish was playing in Dortmund tournament for the first time. Anish finished his first appearance in Dortmund with 50% result, and gained a few ELO points!

    'Postmortem' after the last round!
    Here is the English translation (by WhyChess) of Anish' brief impression and thoughts after the tournament, published in the official site:

    I let lots of opportunities slip, but also had some good moments, so it was an average tournament with highs and lows. Overall, I'm still happy with my result, although I expect a little more of myself. But I'm working on it. I think I played the second game against Ruslan Ponomariov well. I had a won endgame against Nakamura and even saw the winning variation, but then I chose a different path because I thought it was safer. My defeat against Ponomariov in the first half was strange. At this level you can't lose such positions. In my second game against George Meier I naturally had a good position but I didn't see …Rc6. After that it wasn't easy. I missed a lot of opportunities, but that's not important.

    If I play my best chess then I can compete in any given event against any given player in the world. Here, my level wasn't so good, but some of the other players also weren't in good form. When you look at the games of Nakamura and Ponomariov you can see some weaknesses. It's normal that players make mistakes in chess. You simply have to admit that Kramnik's preparation was the best by far in this tournament, but I'm also actually quite happy with my preparation.

    I've got another two years of school to go, and I definitely want to finish. Then I'll decide whether to study or maybe become a professional. At the moment I'm really enjoying playing chess, but I don't need to give myself extra headaches by constantly asking myself whether I'll be a pro or not.

    Full Report

    ©Fred Lucas

    ''…it was a pleasant experience and I hope there is more to come…''

    Anish on Dutch Championship 2011 with his annotations

    Just few days ago I managed to take back my Dutch title, that I already won back then in 2009. This year, though, the event was certainly stronger, but then again, so was I (or at least that's what I was hoping for). But let's start from the start.

    ...gratitude to all...

    Anish in Dutch Championship 2011

    Dutch Champion 2011!

    Dutch Championship 2011 is over. With five straight wins, he's regained his title as well as 16 ELO points!
    ''Another win today- and I got the Dutch title with 2 extra points...:) Was a nice event.. Now back home, soon time to get ready for Dortmund!''- Anish.

    Full report            Chessbase report           Chessvibes report

    28 June 2011
    He's become 17 today!

    Happy Birthday Anish!

    A video clip, arranged by Natasha Giri (12-year old sister of Anish)

    ''The cozy closing ceremony was a warm end to the great tournament and the next day I was heading back to school…''

    Anish on Sigeman tournament with his annotation

    I had an opportunity to play there only once before, the last year, when I was facing five Scandinavian players. This time there were again six participants, but just three of them were Scandinavian...

    ©Fred Lucas

    A video interview with Anish

    By Chessvibes

    During Sigeman Chess Tournament in Malmö, Chessvibes had taken a brief interview with Anish. The excerpt of this video interview:

    ©Calle Erlandsson

    Anish shares the title with Wesley and Hans in Sigeman Chess Tournament 2011

    Sigeman Chess Tournament 2011 has just finished with a three-way tie between Anish, Wesley So and Hans Tikkanen. All three finished with 3 points out of 5 games.
    Despite relatively sloppy performance (although, he remained unbeaten!), Anish was able to defend his title.
    Other participants, namely Aleksei Shirov, Nils Grandelius and Jonny Hector finished with 2.5, 2 and 1.5 respectively. Full report with brief game analyses of all rounds:

    Chessvibes final report with a video impression                Chessbase final report

    ''…the tournament was rather short for me, yet I was happy to play some interesting and nice games…''

    Anish on French Championship with his annotation

    This year again, me together with my experienced Dutch colleague Loek Van Wely (who also brought me to the French league by car, for already the 4th time), were invited to play the French League for our team- Echiquier Châlonnais. Unfortunately we could only play the first six games...

    ©Regine Hendrich

    Return to Vienna

    Anish' visit to the First Vienna Children Chess Festival (organized in 4 June, 2011) was a great success. The match was embedded in a children chess festival which was launching a programme of free chess tuition to socially disadvantaged elementary school children. The event was organised by Stefan Loeffler.
    The event was staged on the top floor of Tech Gate, a science and technology park. Anish mixed with the kids, before taking on the best Austrian youth players in a clock simul on eight boards. He won by 6:2 with five wins, two draws and a loss against Fabian Platzgummer, when an opening oversight costed Anish exchange and after finding an imaginative way to counterplay, he threw away a draw later on.
    You can play through the games (and if you understand German, pick up Anish' on-the-spot remarks about the games) at www.schach-als-chance.de.

    A brief video clip of the simul can be found here.
    Many more pictures can be found here.

    ©Offical site

    Anish in French Team Championship

    Round 5 and 6
    Anish won both games again, in round 5 against AGUETTAZ Maxime (2417), and in round 6 against LANDA Konstantin (2613). This is his 5th win in a row. He has 5.5 points in 6 games. This is his last game of this year's French championship.
    His team won against Noyon in round 5 and lost against Vandoeuvre in round 6.

    Round 3 and 4
    Two more rounds have been played. Anish won both games, namely against LE ROUX Jean-Pierre (2523) and SANIKIDZE Tornike (2524) in 3rd and 4th rounds respectively.
    So far he has 3.5 out of 4.

    ©Offical site

    Round 1 and 2
    Two rounds have been played. Anish has 1.5 out of 2 (his team lost in first round and won second).
    Unlike previous years, this year 11 rounds (Round-robin tournament) will be played in a single phase.
    Anish is playing for Echiquier Châlonnais (defending champion).

    For more information and results            Photogallery

    Live games

    ©Fred Lucas

    Spanish version of Anish' website!

    We are glad to announce that Spanish version of Anish' website has been up!

    This has become possible thanks to Ariel Fabian and Mariano Grynszpan. We believe that the Spanish version of this site would be of interest to a large part of chess world in view of the fact that Spanish is one of the usable languages among chess lovers.
    We will appreciate your comments (also critical) and suggestions to improve the contents of this site.

    Petten (right) and the North Sea (left)!

    A charity simul on the land below the sea for the planet's highest land

    Anish was invited by Renuka Nepal Foundation to give a charity simul for Nepal on 21 May in Petten (North Holland).

    This simul was a part of the fund raising activities, organized by Renuka Nepal Foundation, in order to realize irrigation facility in Yanchok- a remote village of Nepal (home country of Anish' father). More about this project can be found here: Irrigation in Yanchok.
    The simul was played using handmade wooden chessborads, specially made in Nepal and imported for this event.

    Here is some pictorial impression of the event.

    Foto: Vladimir Barskiy

    Anish on first stage of the matches with his light annotations of some selected games

    ...I must say that after I saw the main- classical part of the match, it became clear to me that if Grischuk continues with the same tough defense and if fortune will keep on choosing him (and believe me, fortune is the main thing here), there isn't much Levon can possibly do...

    Once upon a time in Japan...

    On Anish' Japanese webpage

    Lately, as a result of our closed cooperation with Hakodate Chess Circle, Anish' Japanese webpage has been enriched significantly. Now, one can find news about Anish' activities, his articles as well as game analyses in Japanese, translated by enthusiastic members of this chess circle, namely Akihiro Yamada and Kohei Yamada (Kohei is a Japanese rapid chess champion and was one of the members of Japanese team in Olympiad 2010).

    Anish on Japan
    The main face behind Hakodate Chess Circle, Akihiro Yamada, has aksed Anish few questions. Here are some thoughts of Anish based on the same.

    "ШСМ-64": We are the champion!

    18th Russian Team Championship, Premier League

    "ШСМ-64" made it again!

    Last round of men's Russian Team Championship turned out to be rather exciting. The team "Tomsk-400" did absolutely everything to fight for the title - scored 6 points out of 6 possible against "ОСДЮСШОР". Their rivals for the title, "ШСМ-64", needed at least 4.5 points in the last rounds against "ЕГУ-Перспектива", and they were able to fulfill exactly this minimum to snatch the title.

    The winner team is composed of Boris Gelfand, Wang Hao, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, Alexander Riazantsev, Boris Grachev, Vladimir Potkin and Evgeny Najer. Congratulations!!!

    Anish had a contribution of 5.5 points out of 9 games (7 games with black pieces!) that include 3 wins, 5 draws and a loss.
    This is the third national team championship title for Anish in the club leagues. He was a member of French team (Lechiquier-Chalonnais) that became French Champion in 2010 as well as member of Dutch team (HSG) that's just become Dutch Champion.

    Well, lost a game...so what?
    Round 1-8
    Anish suffered his first defeat

    Anish is playing in Russian Team Championship for the first time (playing for "ШСМ-64", Moscow).
    He suffered his first defeat agaist Dmitri Sitnikov in round 8. So far, he has played 7 games - four draws, two wins and a loss.
    His team "ШСМ-64" is leading after 8 rounds.

    Chessbase report (1)
    Chessbase report (2)
    Chessvibes report
    Pictorial report in official site        Pictures © Maria Bolshakova

    With Nick Schilder!
    Anish, briefly on his upcoming activities

    Time to get back to the board...

    After devoting some little, but essential attention to my school, for the last two weeks, I will in a few days get back to the board...  

    Photo Gallery: Chess & Music   

    Anish was lucky enough to be invited for the 20th and final Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament, held in March 2011 in Monaco. In this video, Anish tells about being invited to this tournament and the atmosphere in Monaco. (Provided by Chessvibes)

    With Victor Korchnoi
    Anish on Amber tournament
    Goodbye Monaco and thanks for the lesson!

    This March, just few days ago, I was lucky enough to be a part of a remarkable chess event in Monaco. The tournament that contains the blindfold and rapid events, established itself as unarguably the best chess tournament in the world.  

    Photo Gallery: Fred Lucas at Amber    Amber Varia   

    Photo: Association Max Euwe
    Amber Chess Tournament 2011

    Round 11
    Anish Giri repeated an opening in his blindfold game against Vishy Anand that his second Loek van Wely had played against the same Anand.  

    Round 10
    The blindfold game between Boris Gelfand and Anish Giri ended in a disappointment for the Dutch grandmaster. ‘I studied this line!’, he said, annoyed with himself.

    A video interview with the 'Living chess legend' GM Victor Korchnoi

    Photo: Association Max Euwe
    Round 9
    Anish Giri faced the King’s Indian of Alexander Grischuk, the Russian’s pet defence in this Amber tournament, in their blindfold game. The first 19 moves were all known, with 19…a5 Grischuk chose his own course.
    The rapid game saw a Grünfeld Defence and ended in a convincing win for Grischuk. In fact Giri twice made the same mistake.

    Round 8
    Anish Giri was slightly disappointed that his blindfold game against Sergey Karjakin ended in a draw. He had hoped for more, although he was the first to stress that objectively speaking there were not too many objective reasons for his expectations.

    Rounds 6 and 7
    When Anish Giri and Veselin Topalov walked into the hospitality lounge no one knew how their game had ended, but soon it became clear from their body language and facial expressions that the Bulgarian former world champion had won.

    Foto: Fred Lucas
    Round 4 and 5
    In round 4, Anish lost against Magnus Carlsen in the rapid game, while he earned his first winning point in round 5 against Hikaru Nakamura.

    Round 2 and 3
    The blindfold and rapid games of Anish against Vasily Ivanchuk in round 2 ended in comfortable draw, while in round 3 Anish had to suffer a defeat against Vugar Gashimov in the blindfold.

    Foto: Fred Lucas

    Unputdownable opening ceremony and the dramatic first round
    Anish is having his first experience (and unfortunately the last as well!) with this wonderful event (something more than just a tournament!).

    A nice opening ceremony followed by a disappointing first round for Anish, in which he 'merely' got 'zero' out of two apparently winning advantages. We bring you the official report on opening ceremony and games.  

    A video impression of the opening ceremony

    Jan Smeets, Anish Giri and Erwin l'Ami

    "The first round, however,
    quickly put me back to Earth..."

    Anish on TATA Steel Tournament
    with analysis of his games (Part-1)

    My chess year has yet again begun with Wijk aan Zee. It is slowly becoming a tradition for me and I must say I start liking this tradition more and more...
    Before the tournament I obviously had a specific training for the actual event, but in fact, since I was playing quite a lot the whole year before the event and a lot of things were left unused, I arrived to the "Seaside Village" more than ready to meet "The Big Guys". Anxiousness is maybe a more suitable word even.  

    "...but chess is like karma and next day luck was not on my side at all..."

    Anish on Bundesliga (round 8 and 9) analysing both of his own games

    Just a week after Wijk aan Zee, which has been a definite success for me (the details and games commented by me- later!), I had to play in the Bundesliga. I was keen to get back to the game once again, just before fully jumping into my school for a looong (maybe even few full weeks!!) period of time....  

    With Ms. Gerdi A. Verbeet (President of the
    Dutch House of Representatives)

    Simultaneous display against politicians and journalists in the Dutch House of Representative

    Right after the TATA Chess Tournament (on 2 February), TATA organized a simul event with Anish against Dutch parliamentarians and political journalists.  

    Anish in TATA tournament 2011

    You can find all the news associated with Anish's participation in TATA tournament.

    A combination with the art

    A simul activity with Anish Giri and Hans Böhm in the art galleries...

    We will shake hands soon again!

    Looking back to Corus 2010

    One of the strongest chess tournaments in the world (will be well-known soon as TATA Steel Chess Tournament instead of Corus) is about to start.We bring here a memorable press conference of last year's edition of Corus tournament with Magnus and Anish, provided to us by ChessVibes.

    Replaying Corus-2010!