Anish on Japan: on recent disaster, and on his memories of early days in Japan

It was very tragic and terrible for me to hear about the disaster that has happened to Japan not so long ago, especially as I lived in this great country for quite a few years and fell in love with people and culture. I do believe and hope that Japan will survive and recover from the catastrophe, with help of the devoted and united people of Japan.

I remember it was a big difference between the chess-life in Russia and in Japan. In Russia (previously USSR) chess was a big tradition, a big and widely popular sport. In Japan however, chess does lack some popularity, probably mainly due to attractive Japanese alternative- shogi. Yet I was happy to hear that there were some chess clubs in Japan and one not so far for me, in Sapporo that I decided to attend. This monthly practice as well as playing online on ICC (advised to me in the club, by the way), did help me a lot and managed to save my love and passion for chess and that is something one can't become a chess player without.

I am very thankful to the Japanese chess society and players and I hope that the game of chess will get more and more popular in Japan and soon the chess world will hear more about the great country- Japan.

Anish' personal message to young pupils of Hakodate Chess Circle

To all who love the game of chess and who want to improve, I would recommend to keep on playing and studying the game.
As long as you love the game and are able to combine the passion, practice and study, you are guaranteed of success in chess.

I wish you all the best,