Anish Giri or the Love of Chess
de Volkskrant (Saturday, 22 January 2011) by Bart Jungmann

But in two years time, when he turns 18, Anish Giri is entitled to choose his passport. All options are therefore still open for that small flag. Maybe in 2015, after a lost duel, Anand, the current world champion, will express the wish that long may chess-loving Nepal live.    

A Teenager and a Gentleman
For Anish Giri, Being a Champion is Only a Hobby
By Janis Nisii (taken during Corus 2010, and published in the Italian chess magazine 'Torre&Cavallo Scacco!')

Anish Giri isn't getting a swelled head: "I only spend time on chess after I finish my homework. I don't know if I'll turn pro, I'd like to go to college."    

A Chess Fairy Tale
Schaakmagazine by René Olthof

...I don't think anyone had ever heard of Anish Giri when he arrived in Holland in January 2008. In the normal databases Anish's earliest game is from the annual meeting between Moscow and St Peterburg in May 2005...    

Promise of greatness in Dutch chess prodigy
published in NRC Handelsblad (January 2010)

Grandmaster Anish Giri (15) is the great hope of Dutch chess. He will be competing in the Corus Chess Tournament, which starts this Saturday.