''Those who saw the game from move 21 have assumed I played a brilliant game, but unfortunately we can't erase the first half of the scoresheet..''
Anish on last three rounds of Bundesliga with his game annotations

This weekend I had a chance to play in the last three rounds of Bundesliga.

Bundesliga is known as one of the strongest leagues and this time (now that all the teams played together in the same venue) we all could witness it with our own eyes, walking by the players like Karpov(!),Svidler, Bacrot, Adams, Naiditsch, Harikrishna, Navara and many others.

The venue, by the way, was absolutely amazing, the Schlosspark Shwetzingen was inspiring all of us, who aren't used to such treats, spending the weekend in what felt like a palace.

Fortunately our team was already pretty stable in the league and the weekend didn't have any special sportive value (neither relegation nor the top 3), yet we always go for a win in every match and the final outcome this weekend (2 wins 1 loss) can be considered a success.

Back then in 2012

Myself I played on board 1 yet again and even though I started the season with a painful loss against Zherebukh, I since then managed to have a nice score with a reasonably strong opposition. This weekend I had 3 strong grandmasters on the menu and frankly the eventual score 2,5/3 doesn't describe the full picture.

What does, are the games, and there they are:

Giri A.- McShane L. (click arrows to view the analysis)

Giri A.- Prusikin M. (click arrows to view the analysis)

Melkumyan H.- Giri A. (click arrows to view the analysis)

And since we managed to pull out a win in the last round as well (our tough Germans!) we all had to say bye to this season of the German league on a very happy note!

Till next year, Germany!

As for now, I am getting ready for the next big event- Fide GrandPrix in Zug!