''Wishing everyone best of luck in the Year 2013!''
Anish is looking back to 2012...

Winning Reggio Emilia 2012
While it's hard to take a break and have a look at the past year, as the tournaments are taking you into an ongoing circle starting one after another and giving you no breaks or time to look back at all, I will still try to briefly review my past chess year, which had lots of ups and downs and fascinating events.

It all started with a surprising victory in Reggio Emilia where I managed to come back after a dull -2 start. With two petroff (ohh it always served me well :)) victories and two healthy wins with white my +2 was enough for sole victory.

Then a good start in Wijk, getting my rating somewhere around 2740… it all seemed too good up until my tournament somehow collapsed with 5 losses in a row.

Perhaps too eager to come back I lost another 20 elo points in the European Individual, which followed.

My modest appearance in Russian league (+1=2) and solid Malmö (+1) stabilized the situation a little bit.

In French league, where I played good for two seasons in a row, I wanted to finally come back. I played very good chess, but with confidence lacking I still couldn't score more than a +1.

Third time Dutch Champion!

Before Dutch championship I had a good break, finishing my school year and having a great training session with a lot of practice and time to gather myself together. The tournament was a fairytale like comeback with 6/7, more than enough for a very convincing victory in a decently strong field.
Still being on this wave, perhaps, I also had a great event in Biel, fighting for the very top sport until the last round, scoring a +2 and getting back into the top list.

The Olympiad was an interesting experience, starting with me not being able to make it to the start, due to the infamous passport issues. Eventually the things resolved for the Netherlands and once I got there, I can't say my performance was miraculous, on contrary, it was quite average, but it was rather, the whole team that suddenly made a comeback. The final result, top 6 was a great success for the team and I hope in the coming years we will keep up the great team spirit and such exceptional results.

Grand Prix 2012
My first Grand Prix experience, in London, was quite tough. The final score -3 without wins was an exaggeration, but still it wasn't easy, when every game you walk into someone's opening preparation or get an unpleasant position. I showed some tough defense in some games (black with Adams, Leko, Gelfand, white with Ivanchuk, Grischuk) but eventually I just didn't get a chance to really win a game.
Next year there are still 3 Grand Prix events to come, so hopefully I can learn from this experience.

European Club Cup was not bad for our Russian team getting the bronze medal. My own play was pretty shaky, but not too bad.

Univé continued in the same, somewhat unfortunate style. I wasted my chances and scored a dull -1.
Spanish League 2012
Fortunately I managed to come back with a good tournament in the Spanish League. Not only did we win the national title, but I myself had an excellent score, finally finishing a tournament in a plus and playing many interesting games.

In Beijing I participated in the Sport Accord World Mind Games for the second time. This time I scored half a point better in both rapids and blindfold and scored the same disastrous -5 in blitz.
My play felt decent in quite a few games and I was very content with many of them, but obviously I hoped for a better score.

Right from Beijing I travelled to the Arab Emirates, where I finished the chess-year in the excellent fashion, winning the World Cities Championship on the first board of the Hoogeveen team with Ivan Sokolov, Sergei Tiviakov and Jan Smeets.
World City Champions by José Diaz

Now, as I said there is not much time to rest, soon Wijk is coming, then some more nice events. The coming year, the school should also be taken care of (last year, so fingers crossed!), but as busy as my schedule sounds, I am having a great time and enjoying all of my endeavors!

Wishing everyone best of luck in the Year 2013!