In June 2013, Giri finished his 'middelbare' (secondary) school, by passing the national exam at Grotius College in Delft.
His favorite subjects are physics and mathematics, although he
likes history, geography, and biology as well.

Unlike most other prodigies, Giri was a regular secondary school pupil, following classes every day apart from some limited absences allowed by the school during major tournaments and events. He wants to concentrate on chess for a year before entering to the university.

He likes to play table tennis and football if time allows.
He also likes writing articles and annotating games. Apart from contributing to his own websites with his articles and annotations, he has been writing and annotating for many popular chess websites and magazines such as ChessBase, Chessvibes, New in Chess, 64 (Russian chess magazine), the German magazine Schach Magazin 64 and so on.

Since February 2013, he has been contributing to one of the best chess magazines New In Chess in the capacity of contributing editor.