Anish started to play chess when he was 6-year-old. Anish's first club was a local youth sport club 'DYUSH-2' in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was a member of Japan Chess Association and Sapporo Chess Club during his stay in Japan. Typically, he became Russian champion (U12) while he was living in Japan.

Anish has been playing in German Chess Bundesliga for SK Turm Emsdetten since 2008 (Bundesliga is a premier league of team chess in Germany, which is arguably the strongest and longest running league of its kind, attracting many top grandmasters from the world). He is the youngest ever player in the history of this league so far. Furthermore, he has been affiliated with several Dutch chess clubs, including the HSG (Hilversum Chess Society), the Delftsche SchaakClub (Delft Chess Club), HMC Calder and En Passant. He plays in Spanish league for chess club Sestao Naturgas Energia. He used to play in the French league (TOP-16) for l'Echiquier Châlonnais and Russian league for SHSM-64 (Moscow).

He does not have intensive chess training facilities, he has mostly been working by himself. The Dutch Olympic Committee and KNSB (Dutch Chess Federation) is providing him support for some training sessions.

In 2010 and 2012 Anish had an opportunity to work briefly with World Champion Viswanathan Anand in preparation for the World Chess Championship 2010 and 2012 against challengers Veselin Topalov and Boris Gelfand respectively.

Here are some major events and achievements of Anish:
  • Russian Champion under 12 in 2006.
  • Hilversum Chess Tournament in 2008 (shared winner, and earned first grandmaster norm).
  • Groningen Chess Tournament in 2008 (4th place, and earned second grandmaster norm).
  • Corus Chess Tournament C-group in 2009 (shared 2nd place, and earned third grandmaster norm).
  • Dutch Champion in 2009 (the youngest ever Dutch Champion).
  • Corus Chess Tournament B-group in 2010 (winner, qualified for A-group).
  • 18th Sigeman & Co Tournament in 2010 (winner with a performance rating of 2936).
  • NH Tournament between Rising Stars and Experience teams in 2010 (shared best scorer for Rising Star team, lost tie breaker for the Amber qualification).
  • Chess Olympiad in 2010 (Bronze medal on Board 4).
  • 19th Sigeman & Co Tournament in 2011 (shared first place).
  • Dutch Champion 2011.
  • 54th Reggio Emilia Chess Tournament 2011-2012 (the youngest ever winner).
  • Dutch Champion 2012.
  • Biel Chess Tournament 2012 (shared third place).
  • World Cities Chess Championship 2012 in U.A.E (his team City Hoogeveen won the gold medal).
  • 26th edition of the traditional tournament in León, Magistral Ciudad de León (won the match against Vassily Ivanchuk).
  • He was nominated to participate in prestigious FIDE Grand Prix Series 2012-2013.